5 Reasons to Get on Board and Get Online

23 Feb 2017

Hello, and welcome to the digital age. If you are just thinking about joining us here in the cloud, we have good news for you – it’s never too late! Whatever reasons you had not to think about a digital strategy for your business or company until now, start ASAP. We will give you 5 main reasons why each and every business should have an online presence.

“Whether you sell shoes, fix teeth or run a Fortune 500 company, there is a perfect strategy for your online presence”

Make it easier for customers and clients to find you. Whether you choose a corporate website, a social media channel, an online shop or some other way to present your business to the netizens, one thing is clear – people do their research online. Even when we hear about a business, company or brand via word of mouth (talking to our peers), we go home and do our own little research on the web. So, why not make it easier for everyone? Be on the spotlight. As a wise person once said: If it’s not online, then it doesn’t exist.

Flaunt what you’ve got. An online shop, a Facebook album or an Instagram feed is an excellent way to showcase your products. People like to visit places they have previous knowledge of, and most of the time, we are scared of the unknown (let’s be honest). Make your business and company known to them, make it recognizable and more accessible using some online tricks.

Build an everlasting circle of fans and customers. What is the first word in Social Media? It’s social! These channels were built to connect, engage and inspire people to get in touch. It is no different when it comes to Business pages and accounts. Fans will come to you for advice, for help and to tell you everything they love (and everything they don’t) about your business or company. And, don’t dwell on the „haters“ – they can also be a good way to improve your strategy (they can point out flaws and problems that can be easily fixed).

Make your marketing efforts easier and more transparent. The world of digital campaigns is an open and free world – anyone can join, anyone can learn and anyone can track. You might need a specialist to help you set up your campaign, but you can track the results on your own. Unlike OOH campaigns you cannot measure, online marketing efforts (or lack of them) are easy to see.

Cut costs. Here’s the cherry on this digitally enhanced cake – online is much more affordable for your business. Sure, you may pay more for a good website or online shop now – but in the long run, your costs will be fewer (and more transparent). Retail shop rents, bills, maintenance…this doesn’t exist, not even in the deep part of the web. With the help of a proper team, an online shop will be a breeze as compared to running a retail shop!

What were your reasons to get the business online? Share them with us in the comments.


Jelena Jovanović, MSc

Social Media Executive

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