Talent Show

Real kind folks.

Account Managers

Well-connected thinkers.

They are often considered the face of the company and play a key role in your businesses relationship with other guys in our team. Will always make sure that tasks are done on time and beyond expectations. Those four musketeers bring a sense of fun and flair to the collaboration while still maintaining a professional look.


Hungry, humble and smart.

These guys are genuinely responsive, vested and dynamic. From innovative front-end development to intricate CMS integration, they always provide a great output. Maybe you can’t trust them with food and sweets, but they are reliable support from day one and initial stage of project until its completion.

Social Media

Savvy digital experts.

We put on a bunch of makeup, practiced our poses in the bathroom mirror and add 158 filters to our photos, so we’re no angels. But, we are Team that plunges into all relevant aspects of both your business and your brand in order to shape optimal approach for a challenge at hand.


No bounds, only imagination applied.

What can strategic thinking plus endless creativity really do for your business? Come and see how they make your brand bloom. Only by working together they can bring greater visibility to your chosen craft. They motivate and inspire each other to create marvelous designed creations.

Click or touch your favorite face below to get to know the esteemed team at Smart Web.

  • Dejan

    Founder & CEO

    Leader and businessman with a helping hand and a listening ear for his employees. Apple Inc admirer. The first to organize and take part in every team activity. Serious tennis player.

  • Aleksandar

    Executive Director

    Cheerful man who sings 99% of working hours, but still one step away from the dark side. Superman’s successor who always wanted to rule the galaxy. The Force is strong with this one.

  • Jelena

    Account Manager

    Pleasant and beautiful, always with a smile on her face. Ready to help any time. On her avid skills of convincing even Attila and Genghis Khan would bow down.

  • Predrag

    Account Manager

    The most experienced member of our hellish team. Master of Finance. He loves gadgets, gaming, loyal to Jordan. The person from whom you can get lots of quality advice.


  • Aleksandar

    Web Developer

    Nice guy. Terrific guy. No Wordpress feature and server bug can go unnoticed by him. When he grows up, he would like to move it like Jagger.

  • Damjan

    Web Developer

    Golden link between the office and catering, flawless in terms of music selection. He do not read the tabloids, but lives for Wordpress.

  • Ivana

    Web Developer

    Ivanka aka. Rada came to us with a new wave of girl programmers, ending the myth of web development being a man's job. Quiet and self-assured, Ivana is the one team member who might pass as sane - for now.

Social Media

  • Bojana

    Social Media Manager

    Alexander became a world conqueror when he was 15, and Bojana became a boss when she was 25. Alexander din't have to go to college. She leads by example, which is not popular as it means others have to work as hard as her.

  • Nenad

    Content Creator

    Nenad, also known as Milito, belongs to the old guard, and was the one who actually named our company. He is now conducting the experiment to prove whether it is possible for someone to start to really work after 17 years in public sector.

  • Branislava

    Community Manager

    Very pleasant, communicative and hardworking girl. She is a stellar copywriter and supplier of domestic products and fresh fruits.

  • Maja

    Community Manager

    Youthful Maja is our future hope, a girl that doesn't allow to be corrupted by the deviant world of marketing. This will not last long, so stay tuned while we discover the really interesting details.

  • Snežana

    Community Manager

    Snezana is one easy-going girl, always nice and polite. Writing rimming birthday cards, giving energy hugs and having an innate kindness are some of the manifestations of these marvelous features.

  • Tara

    Community Manager

    The youngest member of Smart Web has brought joy, a degree in Philology and valuable journalistic experience in her dowry. Tara is equally well-versed in words and fashion trends, and it is very easy for her to mingle the incompatible.

  • Marijana

    Community Manager

    A welcome addition to our team during the last transfer window, Marijana waves her marketing skills like a magic wand and possesses an energy that makes problems disappear rather than face her.

  • Ana

    Community Manager

    Cute, friendly, creative. Always in the mood for socializing and coffee at long breaks.


  • Aleksandra

    Creative Director

    Do you remember Alexis from "Dynasty"? Always and everywhere present and keeps everything under control. Our designer team has its own Alexis - energetic, self-confident, always ready to make a joke.

  • Vukašin

    Graphic & Web Designer

    Urban and interesting, full with ideas and creative changes. Proud driver of B category from recently. Lead hater whom everyone likes.

  • Alessandro

    Graphic & Web Designer

    Man with a thousand hairstyles and faces, some of which even won awards. He is loved for his inability to say NO (his best try so far was "OK, I'll try"), Alessandro is a true renaissance man who creates visual miracles.

  • Jovana

    Graphic Designer

    Who would say that we have ever lived and worked without Jovana? Always in a mood for fun, Jovana presents a rare mix of relaxation and responsibility. Nothing can upset her, even the regular restarting of her computer.

  • Ivan

    Graphic Designer

    Ivan is a designer of enviable experiences and a big lover of comics. He is a proud owner of the southern accent, vigorous laughter, colorful photos and a great account on Instagram where he documents his travels.



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