Personalized portal for moms

Bebo Club is a portal designed for couples who are creating a family, pregnant women, mom's babies and mothers. It is designed to clearly and transparently give a choice at the first approach - when registering, after the requested data are filled, the site algorithm puts you in one of the 4 profiles offered - I WANT TO GET PREGNANT, I AM PREGNANT, MOM OF A BABIE 1-3 or MOTHER OF A CHILD 1-3. A further step is to research a personalized site that will explicitly show you relevant articles, blogs, interests, and other custom content to your interests.


Characteristics and features of the portal

What portal Bebo Club offers to the registered user are expert advices from selected experts in the field of pediatrics, gynecology, neonatology, nutrition, speech therapy, psychology. Then, a comparative table of lowest prices for baby products and equipment, key retail outlets and tips to help you save as much as you can when shopping. Practical tools - an ovulation calendar, a birth calculator, a maternity list, an extensive baby names database, interesting things for moms and babies are just some of the items that you will find when browsing this mini baby encyclopedia.


Unique design and idea have been developed concisely and thoroughly. The initial idea and the path, from which it was not taken, was simple and easy to navigate through the portal, and the site was drawn in that direction. It contains a handful of details that you will begin to notice when you visually get to know your environment more closely.


The Bebo Club Portal was developed in the Laravel environment, which means that custom CMS is made from scratch. A complex system with a lot of features and functionality that is regularly monitored and updated.


View all of the above mentioned practical tools. Connection with the Bebo Club YouTube channel. Allowed to evaluate texts. List of original gift tips. The section "Bebo mixes" and "Have fun".

Logo Design

From idea to realization

Made of illustrations and letters for easier recognition. The name itself and the vector-drawn baby are a clear symbol of the theme that the portal represents. The development process began with a brief description of the visual identity of Bebo Club, and continued with the creation of initial proposals. It was picked up between several concepts, and the selected was given further instructions for finishing, thus creating a slanted letter E. Each subsequent change was further purification of the logo until it took the final form that satisfied the client's requirements.

Typography and colors

The BEBO logo can be used and applied explicitly in the displayed format. The officially used font is Futura BT Bold, and a 4-color palette is shown along with the codes.


popular tools

Numerous questions which will be open during pregnancy should be answered. Learn about the fun and convenient tools that are designed and enabled on this portal!

Birth calculator

You just need to type the last day of your period and find out what your term is, and more than that. Bebo Calendar will point to other important dates during pregnancy, such as what is the week of pregnancy you are in when you can hear the first time baby's heartbeat, when you can detect a child's sex, and similar.

Find a name for your baby

If you are looking for a unique name for your baby or are a supporter of the convenience of universal and traditional names, this tool is there to help you. It contains the largest database of children's names, and you only need to select the first letter and start picking.

Ovulation period

With the help of ovulation calender you find out which days are most likely your fertile days and when you can expect ovulation. The calendar takes into account the average length of the cycle and the confidence level is highest in regular cycles.

Gender of a child

Try out the space equation and find out which gender your baby is before the first ultrasound. For all impatient future parents this feature is a real pleasure. Chances are always 50-50 :)

Maternity list

The list contains the most necessary items and things to pack before going to a maternity clinic in the opinion of already experienced moms. With a pre-prepared bag, going to the maternity ward will be free of stress.

A smart buyer

A tool that serves to indicate to points that will make you smarter. "Smart Buyer" suggests items, but also compare the prices of those products in different sales facilities so you can make the most affordable shopping.



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