4 Cool Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips

21 Dec 2016

The biggest shopping season of the year is in full force, but there is still time to implement your holiday social media marketing campaign.

Here are four successful holiday social media campaigns you can use to help boost your revenue this season.

Host Contests On Various Social Platforms

Holding a social media contest is a great way to bring in the holiday cheer while engaging with your followers. It generates exposure and buzz around your brand, helps increase reach to your audience, and presents the chance to build a vault of user-generated content you can leverage during the holidays and for Q1 campaigns.

There are different creative holiday contests you can employ for your social campaigns. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Perhaps the easiest to execute is Sweepstakes. Make it simple for followers to enter by providing their email or using a branded hashtag and ensure the giveaway prize is enticing based on your buyer personas. Increase the possibility of winning by offering multiple prizes.

Holiday photo contest is ideal to gain some user-generated content. Use highly visual platforms like Instagram and encourage followers to share images related to your holiday theme. To enter, have your followers post a photo or video to Instagram with a specific hashtag. Share how winners will be chosen – either through the most social votes (preferred for increased engagement) or a voting panel from your team.

Take followers Behind The Scenes To Your Holiday Events

With so many festivities and events being held during this time, why not invite your audience in on the fun? 

Leveraging live-streaming video platforms like Instagram Live, Periscope, and/or Facebook Live is a great way to give your followers transparent and authentic experiences of your brand. This may include your annual Christmas party, the office celebration and décor, awards ceremony, or a volunteer event.

Sharing this type of content can also humanize your brand, making you more credible and bringing more awareness to your business.

“Remember to have fun… it’s the holidays, a joyous time of the year.”

Share Holiday Tips and Tricks

Offer helpful holiday tips to consumers this holiday season by publishing content which gives them an advantage. 

Depending on your niche, you could extend your expertise on how to save money amid the holiday rush, ways to stay healthy during the holidays, even legal advice that applies during this time. Making these tips relevant to your brand messaging is a plus, yet sharing useful information helps separate your brand and position you as a go-to source.

Don’t have time to publish consistent blog articles for your followers? No worries. Content curation – or the process of gathering, organizing, and sharing the best content pieces that resonates with your audience – is highly effective for “filling in the gaps” of your content strategy.

Support A Charitable Organization

People connect the holidays to a time for giving. Hold a social media campaign that promotes and supports your favorite charity. Use your branded and their branded hashtag to increase exposure and bring awareness to the cause.

Additionally, encourage your networks to volunteer or donate to their respective organizations. By using your brand name and messaging to bring attention to issues shows that you care and have a desire to create positive change.

*This post originally appeared on The Fried Side blog.

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